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"Instead Of Watching a Show For Date Night, Be The Main Characters In One!"

"Instead Of Watching a Show For Date Night, Be The Main Characters In One!"

Find a stolen brief case & lost art in this epic story of twists and turns. Each episode builds upon the last until the final episode with one epic story line. 

Every episode is an epic date night treasure hunt you must to as a couple. Solve clues, riddles, and do epic challenges in order to move the story forward. 

The Journey That Awaits...

How It Works

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2. Get The Episodes

We will ship you the new clues and episode details every month. Each episode will introduce a new twist that will change the story you thought you were playing

3. Solve The Riddles

Follow each episodes story and solve the clues to get to the finale of each episode. The clues will have you doing activities and challenges for date night!

4. Find The Treasure

In the final episode everything will come together in one epic finale where you will be tasked to find the treasure. But it might not be the one you thought you were trying to find ;)

This Season's Story You Will Play:

You Will Help Billionaire Art Collector "Reginald Archibald" Find His Stolen Briefcase... Inside is $86,000,000 He Desperately Needs For His Next Ancient Art Purchase. He wants to hire you and your significant other to help him find it and then locate the long lost painting he wants to purchase. 

But one warning... Things are not as they appear on the surface, careful who you listen to and who you help!

Many twist and turns await your future. 

Episode 1

Your first task in this episode will be to help billionaire "Reginald Archibald" locate his stolen brief case and figure out who took it and where. 

Episode 2

With a twist reserved for those who play the game. You will have a new task at hand with the brief case you uncovered in the last episode. 

Episode 3

Everything comes together in this final episode. New story lines emerge, and you will have one final task to complete as a couple in this epic treasure hunt finale. 

About This Date Night Treasure Hunt

Billionaire Art Thief

Rather than watch a movie or show, you can now play one as the main characters! Help billionaire, Reginald Archibald, find his stolen brief case and track down lost art. 

  • Get Invested In This Epic Story Together
  • ​Do Epic Date Night Challenges As a Couple
  • ​Create Memories You'll Never Forget
  • ​15+ Activities and challenges to do as a couple
  • ​Episodic Adventure

This episode based treasure hunt will be the funnest thing you've ever done as a couple. You will now be the characters in a mystery show and need to help the other characters solve clues and find stolen treasures. 

Images From This Treasure Hunt:

What other couples are saying about this "Season":

"Every Month We Look Forward To Our Next Epic Adventure.. SO EXCITING"

"If you're in a relationship... You need to do this, you will never have a boring date night again! And it's cheaper than doing normal date nights LOL"

"This is not only fun but it has helped us bond and create deep memories that we wouldn't have otherwise"

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